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I have named this precious cocktail bag "Aunt LuLu" after my favorite aunt from Maine. Our cocktail bag's birth begins in April 1977, as Joe made Aunt LuLu as an engagement present.  My mother-in-law Esther Swain was a florist here and recommended that I use the basket to carry my bridal bouquet, for our wedding on September 24th, 1977. Aunt LuLu traveled with Joe and me to Maine a week before our wedding, and Esther Swain borrowed a room at a local florist's shop and proceeded to create such a beautiful bridal basket; I am so grateful she recommended it. We wrapped "Aunt LuLu" and safely returned her to Nantucket, where she napped for a few years.


We now fast forward to August 2020, when Bryan and Julianne became husband and wife.  My first thought was "Aunt LuLu" needed to be awakened and revived to her original beauty.  The only person I knew who could transform her was Stacey Perry, whose magical work with floral creations leave you in awe, and possibly a tear.  Stacey took "Aunt LuLu" from a well-rested little basket to an exquisite bridal arrangement, and we are so grateful to be able to admire that beauty, thanks to her preserving the pictures. 


We have now awakened "Aunt LuLu" again, celebrating the birth of their precious son, Bryan Martin, born on April 18th, 2020. Stacey has created a breathtaking basket, and we are thrilled to have this 3rd generation enjoying her work.  It is our hope, long after we part ways, that "Aunt LuLu"s beauty and Nantucket tradition will continue on.  Our deepest gratitude to Stacey for making this possible.


xoxo  Nancy Swain


Aunt Lulu


Nancy on her wedding day


Julianne's bridal arrangement


"Aunt Lulu" welcoming the birth of Bryan Martin